Sunday, July 30, 2006

My First Post

So, this is my first post of this new blog. This is the typical introductory post. I have officially abandoned my previous blog. Not too tough a task, considering that I had not revealed the URL to anybody :-). A fresh start to a fresh blog..

What am I going to blog about? Well, I have absolutely no idea. I will just go on posting on any vague topic that comes to mind. I guess I am inherently incapable of following any structure in most of the things that I do. So, a blog is perfect for me. I do not need to follow any predefined structure. The topics can be as random as they get. There is no minimum or maximum word limit. And no posting frequency. Looks a great deal from any angle.

I have been intending to start this particular blog since quite a few months. And I have been continuosly procastinating on this issue since. The immediate trigger to start this was the blog started by my friend, Raviraj. While commenting on his post, I realized that blogging is something I have been wanting to do from quite some time, and this is as good a time as any to start.

So, I guess I will end this first post now and start some serious blogging :-)